Residential Property Inspection

Moving to a new house can be an exciting process. It can also be extremely stressful, particularly if you’re not sure how to best sell off your old house. The rules and costs of property can be complicated, which is why you should hire licensed home inspector.

The sale can be made once the house inspection is finished. The house can also be changed in order to help it meet a more desirable value. You can also get more specific kinds of examination, such as mold inspection. Our residential property inspection will allow you to get an accurate rating on your house, therefore allowing you to repair anything before re-evaluating to a better quote.

We are dedicated to providing accurate and detailed inspections. We want our clients to live in safe buildings which is why we do such thorough work on every residential inspection. Get in touch with TRUE TEAM Home Inspections if you are in need of a property inspector. We’ll be more than happy to help get any place inspected and properly assessed.


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